The promise land

LandWe can all be discouraged to move forward on our journey when we are facing storm after storm. We can feel the world is against us, in many cases it is not true. When we are changing the course of our lives, we are going to face everything we need in order for us to do an inventory of our lives. Seeing if we are carrying emotional baggage whether from a bad relationship or job that is stressing us to the point of become physically ill.

When we are trying to find ourselves, we can get lost along the way, the universe will make us face the closed doors or rejections in order for us to shift into the right direction. When we are in the middle of it, we do not, sometimes, take the step back we should.

If we are to step back and reassessed where we are, we would realize that what is in front of us is not for our highest good. Start to look around for another path to travel on safely. When we are coming from an impossible situation where all of the odds to succeed, to move up in our journey are weak, we might find the strengths we need in our core. By letting the warrior in us guide us along our journey until we reach a safe haven.

It may take years, even decades to finally reach that place where we are feeling at home and happy. The journey that took us there was not the easiest path, but it was the most powerful one. That moment when we reached deep in our core to find that spark, that determination that helps us to conquer all the obstacles that were in front of us, that is our turning point to a beautiful life.

Never lose your dreams, your desire to live your life as it was meant to be for happiness and contentment.