We are the water

LifeLike the water moving slowly in the stream, I am moving peacefully through my journey. Having found the peace that grounds me. I am learning to enjoy being present in my life, sending love to everyone I meet.

Not worrying of tomorrow but instead focusing on dreaming bold, embodying the feelings of archiving my goals. I am not worried anymore about the future, instead I am smiling at the world.

Standing on the top of the mountain, I can feel the universe by my side. The Ascendants Masters standing near me, showing me the beauty of the world. I am understanding how much we are interconnected.

Feeling the love of the helpers, I am taking the time to finally realized how long and far I came. The precious times I had along my journey have turned into days and months. I am finally walking on my holy ground. I have no regrets but only hope in my heart, hope we can live in the world of peace and beauty.

If we are taking the time to stop fueling the ego world with the nonsense we are all capable of creating, but instead learn to quiet our ego and let our spirit rise we could have a better life. We could do more for the highest good of everyone.

We can still make money, enjoying competing in a healthy manner. Removing the needs to take what is not meant to be for us but claiming what is ours. If, for a moment, we can all open our consciousness, we would see the world in a different way.

We would encourage everyone to shine and rise, letting our imagination archive the most beautify experiences we could ever dreamed of.  It might be utopia for some of us but in reality, you are opening your spirit and becoming who you are meant to be. Nothing is limited but everything becomes limitless.