Opening our spirit

LifeToo many times we are hiding behind the illusion we are not good enough, we are too tall, too fat, too skinny, not beautiful enough. Letting the world of the ego dictate our lives, influencing us and insisting we should all fall under a specific criterion that should define and confine us into a small box.

The problem the ego world encounters are the spirits of resistance, yes “resistance is vital”. As a strong spirit, I never wanted to be labeled as… (fill the blank) I just wanted to be me, living who I truly am.

But when you are feeling the walls of the ego world starting to close in on you, it becomes claustrophobic to stay where you are. Instead, I learned like moving water to navigate around them. Not letting them catch up with me. But instead maintaining my integrity and character, my moral code, my spirit was guiding me to develop and retain.

We can stay in the ego world or we can elevate ourselves to open our spirit and see who we truly are. Appreciating every facets and dimension that are hidden within us.  Not taking any more cues from the ego world but enlightening ourselves with the love and peace the universe wants us to experience.

The foundation of our spirit is based on love, peace and acceptance of our own spirit. How can we be loving to others if we do not learn to accept and love who we are? This is the hardest lesson to learn, being able to look at ourselves in the mirror, seeing our beautiful spirit and say to it “I love you”.

When you can find the peace within, you are stepping into the holy ground where you can finally live your life without feeling you have to compete against someone else. Able to realize we all have our own path, but also, we can tap into the richesses the universe has to offer to everyone. There is no more lack of, but instead plenty of..