Finding peace in the middle of the chaos

lifeWhen we are living in the world of chaos it can be difficult to keep ourselves grounded but also finding our inner peace. We need to take care of ourselves in order for us to be grounded.

If we are always on the go, never slowing down, we need to schedule some “me” time on a daily basis. Carving some time for us is essential to our mate and children.

Spending our time dealing with chaos can be extremely tiring, we need to find the time to center ourselves, replenishing our energies. But also, by focusing on ourselves we can start to prioritize our lives.

I have heard too many times work and balance, but most companies do not actually do that for their employees. You can burn yourself out quickly if you do not take some time off. I have stated in a past few blogs, taking breaks during the day to go outside, especially when you are in the office all day long. It helps you to keep centered and energized.

After work, get in the habit of going for a walk, a run or just enjoying nature by doing some gardening. Unplugging from our computers and smartphones, listening to our surroundings. Reconnecting with our mates.
We cannot control our outer condition, but we can control how we react to it. when you are grounded and peaceful you are infusing your outer condition with it. We can shift for a positive outcome to whatever you are currently facing.

It is not easy if you are on the edge to stop the spin down the rabbit hole, but when you are present in your body you can. One thing I love to do is my yoga, every day I take the time to do that. It is a great way for me to release the energy of the day but also bring me back to be present.

Not focusing on work or anything I am supposed to do. You can also have a little dance party! Playing your favorite music. This reminds me of what I used to do and enjoy when I was working with the Grande Duchesse. We used to not only laugh in the morning but at times would be dancing and singing. It was so much more fun, I do miss that because it just brought us not only closer but also, we started the day at the office in a lighter mood.
We had so much more fun, I was looking forward to going to work every morning knowing that something would happen that would made us laugh to the point we would pee in our pants. Those are the best moments I will cherish the rest of my life.