The beauty of our own free will

lifeBecoming the light, we are meant to be can be challenging when facing the ego world. We can feel we do not belong, but we need to realize we are changing and evolving to become our spirit. As we are growing and maturing so is our path. We do not have to stay where we are but instead change our lives for the better.

Shifting our thoughts to create new experiences from jobs, home, mates etc. The universe has infinite possibilities we can tap into at any given time.

We do not have to wait to sit on a couch for a miracle to happened, but we can create that miracle by naming and claiming what our heart’s desire wants. We can become limitless when we are co-creating with the universe. 

How many times have you wished for something to happened in your life? How many times have you wished to have the happy ending you so well deserved? If we are willing to make the effort to do the first steps towards our dreams the universe will do ten more. 

Why not become bold, not letting your ego dictate your life but instead inspire yourself by listening to your spirit?  Shifting your thoughts to break the illusional barriers that are surrounding you.

When you are doing that you come quickly to the realization nothing is impossible. When you are living on the wild side of your spirit, you are feeling alive. You are experiencing the true meaning of freedom. 

You are grounded and becoming the alchemist you are. Learning to move to the next experience with a smile on your face. Knowing deep in your core it is the right path for you. 

Nothing can ever prepare you to do that, but life can teach you so much more when you are opening your heart, living an authentic life.