I’m inspired to ride the waves

When you are inspired you are letting your imagination free but also are riding the wave of your life. Surfing the energy of creativity, transporting you to a new dimension. You are seeing with a new perspective, you are feeling alive ready to let your bold dreams come to fruition.

Not too often we can let ourselves loose in the ego world. If we do so, we might be labeled as weird, strange, crazy, insane or even better, delusional. But when you are riding that wave you do not care what others think.

Instead, you are feeling empowered by your passion.  Your  passion actually is driving you to archived what might be impossible. You are actually becoming your spirit, you are present in your life. Driven to push forward no mater what.

Embodying the magic of the universe, becoming one with perfect synchronicity. Also, we are feeling whole and complete. We are becoming alive, the feeling is intoxicating, we do not want to get off that ride.

Seeing what we are capable of doing, learning to give back, even helping others to walk on their own path. Realizing we can claim what is ours without being afraid or ashamed.

Living our lives depending on the approval of others  is not living a full life. Expecting the unexpected from the universe is what we should all be doing every single day. I have no regrets having  stepped into my life purpose.

Creating my own business, writing my blogs and doing my podcast has been a wild ride I would have never imagined possible. For someone who is shy and reserved it has been a great outlet to share my story but also helping others to be inspired. Making them realize that nothing is impossible if you wake up the warrior that is in you and light the fire. Regardless where you were born and what are you current outer conditions.