The rebellious side of me

LifeI never liked to be labeled or have the ego world try to define who I was or what I was capable of doing to try to limit me. I never felt I should be restricted by anything, my claustrophobia intensified when I felt the walls of the ego world were trying to close in on me.
So, I found a way to escape it, reinventing myself somewhere else. Becoming another side of me until the ego world was trying to corner me again. I felt rebellious in my teen years, changing my hair color and style like a chameleon. Never afraid to be bold and determined with my fashion ware. Letting my own style shine, pushing the boundaries as much as I could.
Never letting anyone push me around but instead defying the orders the ego wanted to impose on me. Along my journey I never felt I could settle until I found my peace, my holy ground.
One says “I have never met a strong person with an easy past” I must agree with that statement, without my strong spirit I would not be where I am today but also would not have stood up against the ego world.
Becoming the thorn in the side of the ego world and turning it upside down, showing the establishment I was limitless, and I was my own person, that world would not define me. I wasn’t about to listen to what they felt I should become but instead pushed myself to dream big.
Becoming the phoenix that rose from the ashes, never giving up on my life’s mission or my calling. Having faith at the end of the day everything will be all right. Having enough fortitude and integrity to fight that illusionary world, I have learned to make peace with everything and everyone.
I have moved into my island of peace, enjoying life as it comes. Not worried about tomorrow, but moving like a beautiful stream, flowing over or under each obstacle to find the peacefulness, the calmness that fills my spirit with love.
There is nothing more empowering to overcome a life that has been full of obstacles to finally reach my ultimate destination, which is peace and unconditional love.