Learning to be the water

lifeWatching the water traveling into the riverbed is a great experience and mind opening. We do not realize, until you watch the flow of the water if we are or not flexible able to adapt to the environment like our outer condition, if we are not flexible, we are blocking our evolution or maturity.

Living in the world of ego, there are too many rules we have to follow, too many masks having to be worn to fit in. Living in the world of spirit, the only thing we have to do is open our heart and let our spirit be free.

Learning to reconcile both or ego and spirit, understanding we have to coexist, but we have to let our spirit be in the driver’s seat. Learning to be ready to let our light shine, uncovering who we truly are.

Open our spirit to connect with the universe, learning that love is what should guide our lives. Walking away from any negative situation or people. Being open to experience what freedom is all about.

Trusting your spirit to guide you to holy ground, going on the quest of your life purpose by walking into uncharted territory. Never giving up on your dreams but learning we are limitless.

Not hiding from the world anymore but becoming the beacon of love. Letting our true colors shine, smiling at the world. Grounding ourselves, creating our own paradise instead of feeling upside down.

Refusing to chase the day, not willing to play it safe. Breaking the glass walls that are surrounding us. Feeling the light of the sun on our skin, feeling at peace, ready to move forward into our lives.

Stepping out of the ego world, becoming the inspiration that will lead to changing our lives for the better. Never letting anyone rain on our parade but instead becoming the first domino that will empower others by touching them to let their spirit free. Ready to embrace our true selves for our highest good and the highest good of everyone.