My wild ride balancing both side of me

lifeWhen we are spending our time talking with the universe, we can sound incoherent with the people that are surrounding us. Having our train of thought at a different level of energy, we can be lost in our own world.
It might take some time to reconnect with the world around us. We can feel a bit like an alien being dropped in the middle of another solar system. We have to take the time to be present in the space we are in.

We can feel we are losing ground and must learn to balance both worlds. It might be challenging at times but if we can take the time to focus and ground ourselves back, we have the clarity and cohesion we need.

Most often we get distracted by our thoughts wanting to go back to the place of peace and love we felt when we were fully connected with the universe.
Life has its challenges but when you can move fluidly between the two dimensions you can learn to be more present in your life.

The vision we have of the world is changing to become more peaceful, removing ourselves from the ego world. We are learning to be who we truly are, focusing only on our live purpose. Not being distracted by the noise the ego world is making.

Choosing the life, we want to live, embracing every moment. Making the conscious decision to have our energies higher. Creating new experiences that will help us to uncover what our spirit is all about. There is no other experience I would like to have than the one I am currently in.

I have learned so much more by letting peace enter my life. Choosing to remove myself from the ego world but instead focusing on my life purpose. Becoming the alchemist, the creative magician I am. Letting my imagination run free. Learning the true meaning of freedom, never being afraid of who I am but instead embracing every bit of me.