We are always connected

lifeWhen facing pain and sorrow, we can sometimes feel our lives are over. We are falling apart, almost unable to breath. Thinking it is over, this is the last straw and I will never be able to overcome this new negative development. When you are caught in this type of landslide the universe and I will be there for you.

Every time you are feeling low, I will be there for you. Taking you in my arms, letting you know it is Ok. You will be able, in time, to stand up on your own two feet. Healing your heart with the healing energy of unconditional love.
When we are experiencing heartbreak, it is opening our heart wide, feeling like it is being taken apart, or for some, like our heart is being squeezed so hard, the ache never goes away. The pain we are experiencing is what makes us human. We all have to go through those experiences. As difficult as it is, remember, the universe is always surrounding us.
Instead of closing ourselves, filling our heart with hate and resentment, we need to flood our heart with the love the universe is sending us. Understanding that we all have our own timing.
Letting someone go is not forgetting about them it is learning to live without their physical body. Knowing their spirit is by our side surrounding us with their beautiful light.
We need to close our eyes and quiet our mind. When we can do that, we are able to hear them. We should be talking with them every day listening to their wisdom that is guiding us.
We are learning to open our heart and let unconditional flow freely in our body. Finding the peace, we so desperately need to appease our heart.
Learning to celebrate every day the one we loved and have lost. Keeping their memory alive, acknowledging them by having conversations with them. Feeling they are around us but also, we are going to see them when it is time for us to move on.