My own path through darkness

lifeI have walked into darkness not knowing when the light would shine again. I kept pushing my will, facing the storms head on, filling my hearts with hope and better days. It is not for the faint of heart; the life lessons were harsh. But the determination, the fire in me never surrendered, I was learning to elevate my spirit higher. Finding the silver lining, learning to laugh at the situation while learning to not lose it completely.


Keeping faith and hope was challenging, but without the support of the universe along my journey, I would not have made it to the other side. To calmer waters, feeling more present in my life then I have ever felt. </p>

Not feeling alone but being part of the changes the world needs. Having come from nothing to what I am today, I am humbly bowing to my spirit. This strong warrior that is in me is the one who guided me in my journey.

Even when my eyes could not see, it guided me to safe passages. I learned to tap into my intuition and my imagination to shift the course of my life. I learned to let go and move forward without carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I dreamed of my happy ending every single day, I changed my patterns one at a time to become light, letting the love of the universe shower my body. Smiling when I was blindsided by the ego world, I learned to dance my way out of negative situations.

I have moved slowly to my ultimate destination, learning to look inward to find the inspiration that kept me going. We all have our own destiny that will be shaped based on how we are able to create our next experience. Take the time to step back and see what you would like to experience next.&nbsp