Being present in our lives

lifeEnjoying being present in my life is something I had to remember to do. When you are living two hundred miles an hour, we can lose sight of what is important. We let life pass us by not realizing we are not grounded anymore.

We are not taking the time to be present with our mate, our children and friends. Instead we feel like we have been swallowed by a black hole that we can’t get out of.  We do not need to be chasing the world of illusion. We need to take time for ourselves every single day. Spending at least thirty minutes grounding ourselves. Learning to slow down by having a walk or a run, being outside on the porch to quiet our minds.

I am actually looking forwards to getting my zero-gravity chair on the deck this spring. I want to listen to the birds, watch the life on the ponds, watching the trees moving slowly. These are the moments when you are connecting with the universe. This is when you are become conscious of the world that surrounds us.

We are not feeling alone but instead in communion with the universe. I cannot wait to be on the deck feeling the sun on my skin. Ready to write more blogs and articles, feeling the inspiration of the universe. Channeling the writers and philosophers in my writings.

We can do so much more when we are connected, we can finally smile at the world and realized how much we have matured.  Being in a quiet place to finally enjoy a moment that will bless our hearts and spirit.

Those are the precious moments, that will make you smile for the rest of the day. Being on the edge of the world not looking in but instead being present in that moment. Opening your eyes to realize the world that surrounds you. Feeling at peace, bathed by the unconditional love of the universe.