Giving Back

lifeSometimes, one small act of kindness can make a world of difference in someone else’s life. From a charity donation to helping someone less fortunate than us. It might not seem like a lot if we can offer time or our skill set but it can impact, in a positive way, our world.

Having a humble beginning, I learned at a very young age to count only on myself. Not letting others in because we had experienced firsthand what it meant to have people walking away from us when things were not going well.  It was very difficult and hurtful learning to fend for ourselves.

I was the luckiest of the bunch because I was connected with the universe. Even though I felt I was an alien in the family I grow up with, I knew I was going to have a better life and I was doing everything to co-create a happy ending for myself, despite of the horrendous situation we were in. I kept pushing myself beyond my limits, believing everything will be alright.

Years later I made a point to give back to animals causes close to my heart and to human rights. I was blessed by the universe to meet beautiful Lady Anita Bradshaw and share articles I wrote for Powerhouse Global Magazine (PGMA), knowing that each article will not only empower others but also the proceeds will go to help young girls in Africa. Being part of Lady Anita’s journey and support her vision along the way.

The universe in its perfect synchronicity has helped me to give back to the world. It is a humbling experience to know that each time I am giving back it is coming from my heart and with love. From giving food to replenish food banks to money that sponsors an animal or help young girls to be able to get the education they need for them to become the next leaders, the trailblazers.

We can also use our own gifts if we do not have the monetary means. We can go and help in a soup kitchen, we can volunteer to teach or become a big brother or sister. There is always something we can do to help others. Why not start today?