Living my life through my spirit


As long as I can remember I never have been envious of people that surrounded us. Even though we were not rich, and my parents were struggling. I never felt the need to be resentful, instead I always pushed myself to dream. To create my own world where I was happy, I always had everything I needed.

I never felt I needed to step on someone else to get where I needed to be. I always felt it wasn’t necessary to do harm to someone else because they were successful. Instead, I was happy for them. I had this understanding that I could do it or it wasn’t meant to be for me.

When you are letting negative thoughts and energies entering your life you are poisoning your mind. You are closing the doors of your spirit, blocking the love the universe is showering you with gifts.

The need to be driven by success or becoming miss/mr. popular is not going to help you. It is, instead, stroking your ego, making you feel the world of illusion is the ultimate goal. When this ends you want more, like a junky you are going to do everything you can do to get that feeling again. But if you are looking closely at people who are genuine, the only thing they are experiencing is authentic feelings and energies.

If they are successful and popular you can see they are grounded and whole. They do not seek or feel the need to stump on someone’s head to get what they want. The universe will help them along the way, on their path gracefully. They do not need to live in the world of illusion the ego has to offer. Instead they will be connected with the universe and enjoy being in the present moment.

We are all meant to be who we are regardless if we are known or unknown to everyone around the world.

We are making a difference in the lives of others with ease.