My true light

lifeWhen you let your true light emanate, you are finally starting to walk on the path you were meant to be on. You do not have to hide yourself anymore but instead let your true colors shine.

It can be scary to do that, it might feel like a “coming out” for some of us. But when you are breaking out of the chrysalis you are freeing yourself of everything that has been weighing you down, like an albatross around your neck.  You are finally listening to the sound of your own drum, you are become the flamboyant spirit you are.

You are breaking the barriers of the impossible to step into the possible. You are finally become the shining light that is meant to make a difference in this world. You are maturing letting yourself be human. You are not hiding anymore but are living your life to the fullest. There is nothing you can’t do when you are living your life in an authentic way.

It might be scary to take the first steps but when you realized the universe is by your side always helping you for your highest good. You are becoming one with it, you have opened yourself and became limitless.

The world has so much more to offer when we are open to receiving the bounty of the universe. Nothing is ever permanent, everything can change at any given time if we are ready to do it.

Why not becoming the trailblazer, the shaker, the mover we are meant to be? Why should we live in our own shadow? We do not have to pretend to be someone we aren’t when we can be our own spirit.

Never compromise our spirit for world of illusion but instead live following your core values and learn to accept other spirits as they are. Never close the door to love but instead learn to lean on the universe to help us.

Inspire yourself every day by learning something new. Open your life and see and hear the magic of the universe.