Wishing for your happy ending


Everyone wants to have their happy ending, but how can we do that if we are listening to our ego? Why should we be resentful of what the co-workers, brothers or sisters have in their lives?

Why do we feel we do not have not enough? Why should we try to be someone we are not? When you are letting your ego lead your life, you are closing your heart and the connection with universe. The purpose to be here on earth is to find and open our spirit, our heart and let love flow freely.

When you realized that what others have doesn’t matter you are learning to becoming your spirit. You can seek inside of you what you would like to do and archive in your life. You are starting to connect with the universe. You are learning what you would like to experience in your own path.

We are all unique, each one of us has a path that will lead us to our holy ground. What you are seeking is inside of you. Reaching deeper inside of you will open the doors to your own creativity.

You are not going to be looking at others and wishing you had what they have, but instead you are going to create your own life, your own experience from finding the right mate for you or the right job. Your life will change for the better, everything will come to you with ease.

You are not going to face obstacles but instead people and situations will come to you easily. You will find the peace we are all looking for. You are going to mature and understand that the world we are living in connects all of us.

We are not depending on others dreams but making our own dreams comes true.

We are the magician, the alchemist of our own life, our own destiny. Why not start today?