Being my spirit

LoveI love to do mischief, spending our days focusing on work or projects can take away our playful side. But when we take fifteen minutes to have fun, it helps us to get back into our bodies. It also can help us to relax and move our energies that have been stagnant. We need to be able to let our inner child be free.

Being silly just before a meeting starts to relax everyone, so we can loosen it up and connect on a different level. I always find it more productive when we take a couple of minutes before a meeting and start to laugh.

I have been in meetings from beginning to end that were not that inspiring, it even felt like we were at a boot-camp. Having a moment when we can connect in a more playful way is shifting the energy in the room. We can get more out of each of us when we do that.

We are more open to listen to each other when we are grounded, we are letting our walls down. We are realizing the person in front of us is not the “enemy”. Shifting our thoughts and energies helps us to get things done the right way.

We can do so much more when we are in a positive environment. We should not have to feel oppressed or afraid to speak out when it is needed. We are all here to help move things forward whether it is a project or a company. When the ego is a sleep, we can do it with ease.

We also need to realize what is meant to be ours will be, no matter how much people can try to take it away or stop us. Unless the universe has decided it was time for us to move on, we should not let our fears and apprehension dictates our lives.