The quest of love

lifeThe quest of love is something that can drive or attract people towards you. When you are grounded and emanating love from your spirit, you will, like bees on honey, attract people. Because you are sending this pure energy into the world the universe will send it back to you. Your signal will attract people who have the same energies. It is such a healing energy it will appease the heart and welcome the love into their lives.

If you are desperate for love, the energy you are sending is not love but desperation. This energy will keep people away from you that would otherwise love you. Instead you are going to bring more desperation people with the same kind of energy into your life. You are going to be needier and more desperate, you are not finding peace in your heart. What should you do, how can you get out of that roller coaster, you may ask?

Well, you need to first become aware of what is the song you are playing in your mind, what kind of energy you are projecting into the world. Also, you need to step back and see what the real cause of your distress is. What has caused you to feel desperate? Are you depressed? Did you just get off from a difficult relationship? Being honest with yourself will help you to pin point the root cause. When you are ready to face up to the real issue, then it is time for you to fix it. You can reach out for counseling, but also taking care of yourself.

If you do not deal with your issues and put yourself first, you are going to repeat the same experience over again. When you are ready to make the changes, you need in your life, you are going to be grounded, whole and happier. Learning to open your heart and let the feeling of love come through it. This is when you are going to attract the right person into your life.

That person will step into your life at the most unexpected moment, taking you by surprise.