My Beautiful Spirit

lifeWe need to stop hiding away, we need to be who we truly are. We are beautiful spirits that want to be. That want to show their true colors, it can be daunting to reveal who we truly are. Life has so much more to offer when we are open to show our true light.

Some people do not have the chance to do that because they are feeling oppressed by their outer conditions, their surroundings. Afraid to show who they are, can mean they could lose the people around them or being cast out.

We need to realize what we are experiencing here can be harsh for us to go through but also it is teaching us so much more. Life is a journey that will elevate us to connect with the universe, but in order to do that we have to be willing to open ourselves. Not being afraid to show who we truly are.

Experiencing love, joy and rejections, while we can be elevated with the first two, rejection can break us or make us move forward with a closed heart. We need to welcome rejection as opening up our heart and making us grow.

It can be discouraging when we have been badly hurt or betrayed by someone but when we are feeling those feeling we are learning to not repeat the same patterns but also being able to keep our eyes open, so we do not move forward repeating our negative experiences again.

Life has so much more to teach us, we need to be ready to face what is coming toward us. We can also learn to co-create with the universe so we can attune or change the outcome of the experience we are facing. Stating to infuse positive thoughts in our minds will help us along the way.

Why not be who you are and live your life to the fullest.