I found my voice

lifeLet me be inspired, I do not want to hide anymore. I want to be alive and loud, I want to get high on humanity. I want to feel the love, I want to climb the mountain. I want my day to go from sun to rainbow. I want to be my true self.

Letting my imagination run wild, never looking back but instead moving forward. Learning to be who I truly am. Leaving my inhibitions behind me, becoming the beautiful spirit I am, showing my true colors.

Enjoying a moment of naughtiness, becoming the mischievous inner child I am. Never defining myself but instead embracing all aspects of my spirit. Going on the quest to find what else I can uncover. Amazing myself at how much I came through to get where I am going.

Laughing at the world when darkness comes upon me. Never being phased by negativity but responding in kindness. Never let a word take me down but rising like the phoenix when adversity is knocking at my door.

Continue to persevere in my journey while everything seems upside down. Never letting anyone get into my head no matter how silly it can be. Enjoying a moment of peace when the world is turning crazy. Getting off the Merry-go-round, while everyone is continually circling like mad men.

Feeling the flow of inspiration coming from the universe. Always making sure to listen to the voice inside of me, even if I feel angry with the universe when I don’t get my way…

Enjoying the love of the universe bathing me when I feel down. Calling upon the universe to lift my heart when I feel the world is against me. Never letting go of my dreams, making the impossible happen no matter how many obstacles are in the front of me.

Being truly happy to have found my inner peace, my voice and letting my spirit be.