My paradise, my life, my intention

lifeParadise can be in our lives if we stop to chase the day, we need to stop playing it safe. We need to stop living our lives in a cage afraid to show who we truly are. We are beautiful spirits that have so much more to share and bring into this world.

We can all be rich, healthy, even popular if we live our lives through our spirit. We do not need to hide or wear masks to hide our beautiful spirit. We can bring more peace and love in this world if we stop living our lives through our ego.

If we understand we do not have to compete with everyone but instead learn to live in harmony. We do not have to agree with everything and everyone, but we can learn to acknowledge our differences even if we do not understand.

We can continue to live in peace if we truly are whole and complete. We do not have to feel the world is against us but instead when we are facing a rejection, we need to focus on the open door not the closed one.

We need to keep faith; the universe has a good reason for us to do not grant us access to our wishes, especially if this is not for our highest good. We have to believe in ourselves, when we are listening to our spirit, becoming the trailblazers.

The sparks that will trigger the changes in our lives and the lives of others comes when we are true to ourselves and to others. As William Shakespeare’s famous quote states, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou can’t not then be false to any man”.  We are the influencers the magicians than can transformed someone else life.

Why not embrace who we truly are, letting our lights shinning for the world to see. Not being afraid anymore but instead standing on our own two feet, grounded. There is no such thing more fraudulent than hiding to avoid becoming who we truly are. The universe will push us to open up.