Embracing the magic of the universe

lifeUncovering the magic of the universe is a life time process. As we are aging, we are starting to open our spirit. We are learning to connect with the universe. We are starting to discover the beauty of the world in a simple gesture or words we can exchange.

We are feeling the energy of unconditional love surrounding us. We are not feeling alone anymore. We are laughing at silly things on a daily basis, we are feeling grounded.

We see ourselves as beautiful, accepting our flaws. We have let our ego sleep instead of letting it drive our lives. We are living with the faith and hope that everything will be alright. We are surrounded by our higher self and the compassion of the universe.

We are unique beings that are colorful, we let our spirit be our compass, our guide on our journey. We are happy to be waking up every morning, thanking the universe for letting us appreciate what we have gone through.

We are growing and maturing, our life is changing and evolving. We are open to receive the magic of the universe in our life. We are open to change and go with the flow of the universe.

We are not walking in the darkness anymore, instead we have reached our holy ground. We are finally where we need to be, learning to do new things in our lives.

When we let our spirit become the driver in our lives, we are now realizing we are all connected. We are now living our lives to the fullest. We are now driven by our imagination. We are breaking the barriers of impossible, making it possible to reach our wildest dreams. We are here for the ride of our lives, we are fully embracing who we truly are.