Becoming your spirit

lifeWe can be so much more if we let go of all our judgment or apprehension about who will judge us. When you finally let everything go, look at yourself in the mirror, straight into your eyes and see your spirit. You are starting to realize that only love will come to your life.

Instead of worrying of what people will be thinking of you, you are starting to shift your thoughts. You are becoming aware of your spirit, you are detaching yourselves from the ego world.

You are finally stepping into the unknown, ready to embrace every single part of yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than discovering who you truly are, what you are like, how much you can co-create with the universe.

You are becoming aware of the energies that are surrounding you, and to the people who are part of your inner circle of light. You are starting to become whole and complete, you are feeling inspired by your life’s purpose.

You are not seeking outside what you actually have inside of you. You are turning inward to find the answers to your questions. You are seeking peace, love and compassion. You do not have the need to feel needy but instead you are feeling full of life.

You are learning to live in the present and co-create in the now. You are not wishing in the future but in the present moment. You are realizing there is more than the eyes can see. Your intuition is guiding you onto a new path, somewhere you always wanted to go but were too afraid to go there.

You are becoming more assertive, sassier. You are understanding the connection with the universe. You are not living afraid anymore but instead you are ready to go on your quest to find out what is your life’s purpose.

There is nothing more exciting to be who you truly are.