Dancing to create

lifeListening to music to help you to relax, feeling the energies of your body moving. Letting yourself be free of everything. We need to let it loose once in a while, we do not need to be living two hundred miles an hour.

We can change our beat by listening to something that will lift our spirit up. It doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or not, just shake your body to the sound of the music.

It might be silly at the beginning but when you do that every day, you have that sense of freedom, that playful, inner child that is coming out. Happy to be set free, ready to express himself or herself.

We’ve got to do it, there is no better feeling afterwards when we have let all of our barriers down to finally fell our spirit. That feeling that we are alive, we are connected with the universe. We are ready to conquer mountains, enjoying that feeling. Having all of the stale energies gone.

We should do that on the daily basis, even invite our children to a little dance party. Not being so much absorbed into social media. But instead disconnecting with the world by dancing.

Having fun, is what we should be doing, lighting up our spirit, becoming inspired, letting our imagination run free. The best time to create is when you are “loose” not when you are feeling pressure from the world.

The more you play the more creative you can become. Why not start today? I have found doing this helped me to find solution to problems I was trying to resolve. I also had a different perspective on subjects.

It is well-known that some ideas come to us when we least expect them, so why not start doing this today?