Become who you are

lifeWe should all use our imagination to co-create, changing our outer condition to experience something new. Going into uncharted territory, feeling supported by the universe along the way. We are not alone; most people are not realizing the universe is waiting for us to ask for help.

We are all capable of changing our lives if we are only willing to let the magic of the universe into our lives. We all have a free will we can change the course of our lives or lean on the universe to support us along our journey.

Life is not something that is set in stone instead we can correct our path at any given time.  We do not have to believe we have to do something that is not for our highest good because someone is trying to manipulate us.

We do not have to succumb to someone else’s pressure or charmed into becoming something we are not. We do not have to fit in, in order to be part of something. We are beautiful spirits that are here to shine and let our light shine.

We do not need to be tame or hide because we are afraid people would not like us. We are not here to give our powers away. We are here to be the master of our own life, we are the gentle souls that are here to uncover love, beauty and laughter.

We should not let anyone rain on our parade nor shatter our dreams. We are the dreamers, the magicians that can change this world. Why not learn to stand up on your own two feet and be who you were meant to be?

Learning to be limitless and powerful alchemists, learning to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it.  Nothing is more precious than our spirits.