Finding the peace

lifeWhen you quiet down the world that surrounds you focusing only on your breathing, you can finally hear your spirit, you can hear the voice of the universe speaking to you. Whispering softly into your ear.

You can feel your heart chakra opening wide, feeling the energy of love embrace your body. While you are starting to smile your eyes are still closed. You can hear your surroundings, you are feeling elevated.

Your body is lighter, you are feeling renewed. You are in the same frequency as the universe. You are feeling complete, you are feeling human and your spirit both at the same time. You are not conflicted by life anymore, but more so inspired.

You do not have to hide away anymore you just have to be. You are feeling limitless, you are not feeling upside down anymore. You can finally see who you truly are, you are accepting who you are.

You are exploring infinite possibilities, you are understanding why you are here. Your consciousness has grown and evolved. You are becoming more reflective on what you are doing.

You are being human, you are not alone, you have something to say. You are who you are. You are ready to have your own legacy that might or might not be known to the world but to the people around you they will carry that flame after you have moved on.

You are the forefront of the changes that will impact the world. Like the rain one drop at a time.  We are the spirit that is inspiring others to become limitless, we are the fire that makes things possible.

We are the love, the life, the inspiration this world needs. We are that positive light that will embrace the world. That will heal the heart, that will feed other spirit.  We are the painter the creator of our own destiny. We are the driver, the doers, the shakers, let it all start today