Dazzle me today

lifeDazzle me with your lights, with your diamonds, with your gold. Impress me with your tricks, with your magic.  Wow me with your creativity, blow me away with your love, embrace me with your heart.

Let’s travel over the moon and back, create the dream life I always wanted. Like a sorcerer casting a spell to inspire me. Let me push the boundaries of creativity, let me dream big, let me become the master of the universe.

Let me become the energy of light of love, let me be who I am meant to be. Let me open my heart wide so the light of my spirit can light up the night sky.

Let me reach the sky, let me touch the stars. Sitting on the edge of the universe let me observe the beauty of the world.  I will dance on the constellations, laughing at the midnight moon.

I will not let you capture me, but instead I will let you entertain me. I will only approach you if you show me the beauty of the world. I will never comply to your rules, but I will explore your gifts.

I will learn to share my gifts, my thoughts with you. I will let you sit beside me, I will let you see my true colors. I will continue to transform myself to reach the ultimate connection with the universe.

I will bathe in the river of gold, looking at the blue sky. Letting my body be supported by the water, moving slowly. Closing my eyes while smiling, listening to the world surrounding me.

I will never surrender, I will never give up my spirit, my dreams for anyone. I will continue to move forward in my journey. Letting all go to finally transcend beyond the worlds. Never looking back but instead pushing forward.