Let the light shine

lifeLove will always take us higher and higher. It is a positive energy, a healing energy that will help us on our journey.

When our heart is closed, we are not connecting with the universe, we are not connecting with other human spirits.  We have locked our spirit, we are not the bright light we should be.

We need to open it to let ourselves be, we cannot live our life to the fullest. We are not opened to receive love from anyone. It can be scary to open our heart because of past situations that made us feel vulnerable.

When you are grounded and have a hole your heart is open, you are not feeling weak at the mercy of anyone that will prey on you. You are strong, your eyes are wide open, but you are connected with the universe.

The love that emanate from you is showing, the energy you are sending to the world is coming back to you in a beautiful way. Nothing is stopping you to show your spirit, we should all be doing it. We should not be wearing masks or armor just to get by every day.

We should be showing who we truly are without any worries. Life has so much more to offer when we are open to it. When we are closed, we are refusing the goodness of the world to come to us. We are not experiencing anything at all, we have erected glass walls around us that will block us to receive.

Is this a way for us to live our lives? Do we really want to feel alone? The world might be scary at times. We can encounter people that will try to dim our light, but we do not have to listen to them. Instead you can walk away from them, our true colors should always shine regardless of what people have to say.