Accepting who we are

lifeHow to accept ourselves when everyone is pressuring us to be someone else? Too many people have an expectation of who we should be. But when we are listening to our spirit, we quickly realize that the world of illusion is not for us.

Instead, walking into our journey to reach our holy ground can be extremely challenging. The world of illusion will try to catch us, hoping we are going to adhere to their rules. But when we are listening to the beat of our own drum, it is unlikely we are going to fit in.

It might be difficult at times to experience the harsh reality, but we should not try to comply. We are to remind each other, we are unique, we are beautiful, we are limitless. We should let our imagination guide us. Learning to defy the impossible to make everything we are dreaming possible.

There is no such thing as a standard, because we are unique, we should not try to follow them. Our path is to live our life to the fullest to experience beauty and love. Our vision of beauty will defer from one another. This is why we are unique, we should respect that.

Life has too much to offer, the universe is always by our side in times of joy or sorrow. We need to accept who we are, we need to create our own happy ending. We need to set our own standard, we need to let our true colors shine. Let ourselves fly away from the world of illusion.

We are magicians, we are dreamers and doers. We can change our outer condition by dreaming big and never giving up on ourselves. Our spirit wants us to move forward, we need to continue to push the boundaries that are set in front of us.