Walking in our journey

lifeThe first step in our journey begins by moving forward, even when we are going into uncharted territory, we need to take that first step.  Changes will not be happening in our lives if we are standing still, hoping for a miracle to happen.

It might happen or not but most likely will not, remember this mantra “when you take the first step toward your goal the universe will take ten steps toward you”. Why not do it even if you feel scared because it is the first day of your life. You finally have taken charge of your journey, you are not an observer but a doer.

How many times have you dreamed to climb a mountain, to fly over the storm, to reach your happy ending? How many times have you lingered about your future, while watching others that are taking their leap of faith?

Feeling you have been left behind when instead you have not believed in yourself. We, too often, are dreamers but not claimers. We need to be the claimers that are dreaming big and becoming bold, living their lives to the fullest.

We have so much to be humbled about, look at your life today and see what you would like to change. Life is too short for us to continue to dwell on “what if” but instead, start to move forward in our journey to become what we are meant to be.

We do not need to be wasting our time in pettiness or resentment but instead enjoying our lives by becoming the alchemist, the magician that changes the course of our lives but also influences, in a positive way, our outer condition.

Learning to inspired others to become who they are meant to be. Never living on regrets but being present to our family and love ones.