We are the influencers

LifeIt is always interesting to meet people who have influenced you from a distance when you were growing up. It can also be empowering to see how many people you have influenced in your life.

In today’s society we can communicate faster than we use to do. This brings us to today’s question; How do I influence my surroundings? What are my children learning from me? Do I bring out the best in everyone or do I bring out the worst? Am I feeling part of world or am I on the edge looking in?

We might be open to share our knowledge with everyone or we can feel we do not have anything to contribute. When we are not letting our spirit be free and living our lives in an authentic way. We can feel we are not worthy, or we are always chasing after something that will always elude us even if we try harder every day.

When you release your ego and let your spirit enter your life, you are starting to shift the view you have about yourself but also the world. You are feeling you are part of it, you are not feeling on edge or alone but instead you are supported and love.

It may be difficult for the ego world to understand but we are all contributing to the world, at a small or bigger level. We are teaching the next generation the value to live our lives through our spirit. Keep. dreaming bold then, like the alchemist, we are making it come to fruition.

How do you influence the next generation? How can we continue to impact each other’s life in a positive way? We need to slow down and go back to basics, spending our time off social medias and reconnecting spirit to spirit.

We can live in a world of illusion that will not help us to grow and mature or we can learn to be present in our lives and experience what we went to archive.