Become who you are meant to be

lifeBecome the person you desire to be, even if the outer condition is less ideal or people do not want to see you the way you truly are. In this society it is easier to label someone to make us feel accepted but when someone doesn’t fit the mold, we can experience resistance.  This can impact us making us want to go back in our shell and hide.

But the universe, in its’ perfect way, will not allow us to do that. Instead it will push us to reveal who we truly are. By making us face experiences that will make us realize we do not have to become invisible anymore.

Letting our spirit be free in a world dominated by egos will not make us feel safe or at peace. What we need to do is to find the strength in our core and spirit to rise above all of that. Become whole again by not letting the ego world attempt to put us back in that little box or shame us.

We do not have to listen to our ego but listen to our heart. The universe will always bring in our journey people that will inspire us to continue to be who we are.  But you must also realize we need to make peace with ourselves and accept who we are first. Learning to love ourselves and sending blessings to the world.

What the ego tries to attempt is to make everything we are, that does not conform with society, become a threat to us and make us want to retreat into ourselves or become a fraud, not presenting the real “you”.  When we are sending blessings and love it will attune the ego slowly. Showing the ego, we will not be threatened, but instead starting to let the door to changes open wide

We are here to experience life, we also are here to welcome new ideas and thoughts. We are here to learn from others. Not closing our minds or putting our head in the sand hoping fears and imaged tragedies will go away. We might understand or not what others are, but we can always try to overcome what we cannot comprehend.