Every day is a new beginning

LifeEvery day is a new beginning, we always have a choice to choose how we want to react to our outer condition. Do we want to keep the same patterns in our lives to repeat or do we want to create a new outcome?

Life offers us different options, we are not tied or bound to the influences that are surrounding us. We can choose to be part of the solution or keep being part of the problem. Making the right changes in our lives will set us free.

It is up to us to take the first step, then the universe will make ten towards us. It can be scary to do that but when you start to move forward it will get easier. We can overcome so much when we are determining to become who we truly are.

We do not need to have someone else’s approval to do the right thing for us. We do not need to wait for a miracle while sitting on our “fanny”. We need to get moving, to be more proactive in our lives.

Emulate who you want to be, the universe, in its perfect synchronicity, will help you to get there. Again, you need to remember it is not a sprint but a marathon. Do not expect everything to be done in your own time but it will be in the universe’s time.

Be open to receive, sometimes the ideas we have may or may not become reality. The universe in its infinite wisdom will provide us with what is best for us. We need to be willing to accept it.

The journey that brought us where we need to be, can help us realize that what we thought will be the best for us is actually not. The universe has provided us what we actually needed. Rise from the ashes that is our past to become what you want to be.