Becoming the creative mind

lifeOpening our hearts to let our spirit be free is to be human. Finally starting to experience what life has to offer. We can change our outer condition when we are ready to do it. When we are ready to embrace, we are not alone but we are in partnership with the universe.

This is when you are on the right path ready to create the most magical life you want to experience. Sometimes we need to sit on the edge of the world to contemplate life, seeing what we can do for not only ourselves but also for others.

We can create beauty, love, compassion and kindness if we really wanted to.  We can create high hopes for tomorrow by being present in our lives and change our path to be on the correct course.

We can learn at any age to become free, to let our spirit express itself. Why live a life full of regrets when we can be the master of our own destiny? When we break the barriers that are surrounding us, and not letting the ego world influence us but instead influence the world of ego. Teaching it to be kind and loving instead of fighting it.

We can live in our ivory towers, let the world pass us by, but we can also step down and walk on our holy ground with love in our hearts. We can change this world by changing our patterns and living our wildest dreams.

The universe, in its perfect synchronicity, will always prevail for us. We are not alone, we can become limitless unleashing the magic within us. We are more than the eye can see, we are multidimensional.

We are the ones that can start to change the world, why not start today?  Live your life to the fullest by enjoying what you currently have. Take the time to do an inventory and realize how much more you can create for yourself and for the rest of the world.