Living my life in my own terms!

lifeI am not depending on others to live my life to the fullest. Instead I use my imagination to create my tomorrow. I do not let anyone rain on my parade, instead I visualize myself successful. I do not let circumstances dictate my path. I let my experiences teach me my life lessons.

I do not give up on my wildest dream but instead fuel it with more images and energies I already archived.  I let my mind take me into uncharted territory by empowering me to become who I am truly meant to be.

I am not dwelling on my falls, I am learning from them, looking at my scars as reminders of where I came from. I am breathing deeply to quiet my ego, putting in it in a state of sleep.

I am standing on my own two feet, watching the story of my life unfolding without any regrets. Embracing who I have become, walking my life as a whole human being. Opening my spirit like a beautiful lotus flower letting the magic become part of my daily life.

Living my life to the fullest by being authentic to my spirit. Always ready to send the love of the universe through my words and deeds. Never letting anyone dictate how I should live my life. But inspiring me to live my life to the fullest by listening to the universe whispering in my ears.

Smiling at the world in times of uncertainty, feeling safe and protected by the universe. Walking in the darkness with a light step fully supported by the universe.

Accepting the truth that everything will be alright, never stepping backwards but instead continuing to push forward. Knowingly that I have everything I need to conquer whatever is in front of me.

Feeling the unconditional love of the universe, being at peace with myself.