What is the meaning of being successful?

lifeBeing successful is not checking boxes that make us feel like we made it, or we did it. Being successful is to live your life whole, having your heart open. Making lives better for everyone around us, by being kind and thoughtful, without wanting something in return. Never counting favors but counting our blessings.

Living a healthier life, letting grudges and anger wash away from us. Let love be part of our daily life. Embracing every inches of our outer shell. Let our inner beauty shine, expending our wings to fly away. Showing what we are capable of accomplishing.

Not hiding our true self from the world but letting ourselves become the beacons of unconditional love. Be the acceptance and tolerance the world needs so much. Learn to live in peace with people that are not here for our highest good. Instead learn to live your life on your own terms.

Let our inspiration guide us, let your ego go to sleep. Never apologized for your beautiful spirit. Dream bold and make your dreams happen, learn to walk into uncharted territory to discover yourself.

Create your own path, your own live, become the rising star. Always be gentle to your spirit. Become the master of your own destiny, never let negativity stop you from archiving your dreams.

Believing in yourself, become your biggest fan, teach your children we are limitless. Show them you can make a difference in this world. We are all here to experience life. Find your life purpose and embrace who you have become. Never be afraid of tomorrow but instead become present in your life.

Lean on the universe and the circle of light when you are in the darkness. Have faith, you have everything you need to overcome challenges. Become the fire that is within you. Your paradise is your imagination that creates it for you. Why not start today?