Life always matter

BeautyLife matters regardless if it is human or animal.  Being reflective of what we do every day is recognizing we are not alone. We can try to have a legacy but when it is based on lies and cheating, if you are remembered, you will only be remembered as a despicable person and forever be a member in the hall of shame.

Instead, why not learn to be more authentic, realizing paradise is what I am creating every day in my life. Your legacy will be what you have accomplished.  If you have reached your holy ground the legacy you are living will be followed by your children, by the people surrounding you. You are inspiring everyone to live their life to the fullest.

You have accomplished what you have come to do. We need to teach others to believe in themselves. Let their imagination run free to create their own future.

Never cutting someone’s wings in the hope they will not succeed; the universe will not allow that to happen, because Karma will pay you back at some time. We are the essence of life regardless of where we are. We are the inspiration, we are the courage, we are the beauty.

Why not embrace all of those qualities today? Why not learn to appreciate who we are?  We are beautiful souls, we are limitless, we need to connect with the universe. Partnering with the universe to help us along our journey.

Doing good in this world is what we need to be doing. We are the present and future why not make our experiences easier by changing the way we think and live?

We have so much to experience when we are open to let the magic of the universe enter our lives. Living with a curious mind, ready to explore the world in a positive way.

Never letting us be deterred by negativity but instead finding the silver lining in everything. Creating our own happy ending, learning to go back to basics and connect with everyone spirit to spirit.

If life is getting crazier, learn to get off the ride.

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