Learning to let it go

PeaceLet it go of everything that has been hurting us on our journey is a stepping stone we all have to navigate.

When we keep that negative energy in us, we are not helping ourselves, instead we are creating obstacles in our lives. By continuing to carry that negative energy with us all day we are burdening ourselves with unnecessary anxiety and stress.

We can alter the course of our lives if we are still carrying those. We need to learn to get back our powers in order for us to move forward.

Why not do an inventory of what we are resentful about, from childhood, failed relationships, jobs, etc.

Life is a journey we are embarking on, but we need to learn to keep our power. It may be difficult at times to keep our “cool” when we are being hurt or betrayed. We can feel like we need to close our heart to the world.

By doing that you are letting your ego run your life. It is not in your best interest to do that. Instead we need to heal and then let go so we can move on in our journey free of that excess baggage.

When you are doing that you are opening yourselves to what the world and what the universe has to offer. Do not close yourself off, you need to remember we have to learn our lessons, but also when people are doing wrong by us, Karma will reset the balance.

We do not have to worry about pay back. If it was wrong the universe will take care of that. We may or may not be there to witness it, but it will happen and perhaps we will hear of it later on.

So, we do not have to hold grudges instead we can move forward. Let it go is what is best for all of us. Living your life half way is not living your life.