The ride of my life

lifeI am here for the ride of my life so dazzle me, surprise me with your gifts and experience. I am free of all of the constraints the world had on me. I am the master of my own destiny.

I have become my spirit, who I am meant to be. I am not afraid anymore of tomorrow. I have embraced to be present in my life, ready to steer left or right when needed.

Not letting the outer conditions influence me anymore but inspiring myself every day with new ideas and feelings. Smiling at the world, feeling the peace in my core.

I am now walking free of everything and everyone. I have become my spirit, I have extended my wings and showing my true colors. I am not afraid anymore, I am not hiding anymore.

It is time for everyone to reach their holy ground, their life’s purpose.

I am dancing on the stage that is earth, being showered with the universes’ goods that I have claimed. I have been there for everyone that needed me, it is time for them to walk on their own two feet and face their own path.

I am now focusing on channeling the words of the universe for people to read. Inspiring others to shift their life, their consciousness to live their life to the fullest.

Becoming the beacon of unconditional love, sending positive energy into the world. Creating bolder dreams, hopefully they will empower others to do so also.

Never letting anyone rain on my parade, listening to the beat of my own drum. Ready to embrace what is next in my life. Realizing a life without being grounded and whole is not what I wanted to experience.

Having no regrets in my life but learning from my mistakes and making peace with any situation that has not been for my highest good.