Believing in ourselves

lifeBelieving in ourselves when no one else does, helps us to change the impossible to possible. Learning to partner with the universe to realize your biggest dream.

This is what we should all be doing, I spent my childhood living my own dream, which was in my head, to escape the world I was living it. No one ever knew what I was up to.

I never felt I belonged there, but my spirit helped me to cope with all of that. I instinctively leaned on my spirit to protect me and help me to move forward. Not everything can be pretty and rosy in our lives.

We need to dig deeper into our core to find the strength to move on. One thing that makes a huge difference between each of us is how we believe in ourselves.

Are you someone that always leans on others for their stamp of approval or blessing? Are you someone that always counts on others to believe in you? Or are you believing in yourself because you have learned to be the alchemist, the magician in your own life?

We need to take back our powers, we have to believe in ourselves even if some of the dreams we have formulated seem impossible. This is why you have to create a vision board and let your imagination run free.

There is nothing that is impossible for us to overcome or become. The universe is limitless so why not step outside of our comfort zone to uncharted territory and experience the sense of freedom?

Realizing that we are the masters of our own destiny, looking at the world in a different way. Awakening the magician within us, becoming limitless. Walking on our holy ground to archive what we are supposed to become.

The universe will always help us along our journey