Transforming ourselves

LifeLove will take us higher if we let it be. When we open our hearts and let unconditional love enter our lives, we are starting to heal ourselves. We also are starting to project that energy into the world.

Starting to experience love back from the universe, feeling we are at peace and whole. We have become complete and grounded, we are seeing in a different way what could have caused us to be angry and discover it is not bothering us as much.

Instead we are learning to accept where we are and focusing on what we want to accomplish. A sense of freedom comes upon us to set ourselves to be free.

We can start to go into uncharted territory to uncover what we can do next. Learning about our spirit, seeing the world in a kind light. Not feeling we have to let our ego run free but instead taming it to the point it is asleep for good.

Learning to appreciate who are surrounding us, becoming the light we are meant to be by sending positive energies. Recognizing there is much more than the eye can see, ready to explore the world.

Open to let new ideas come to us, hearing the whisper of the universe in our ears. Ready to change our lives to match who we truly are. Leaning on our spirit to guide us to our holy ground to our life’s purpose.

Embracing ourselves inside and out, welcoming people in our lives that are here for our highest good. Feeling supported along our journey, never looking back with regrets, but instead looking at those times as a learning experience.

We are evolving and changing every day so why not step forward with a light step ready to welcome what comes to us next.

Life is a gift even if we are spending our time in storms, we need to appreciate how far we have come. The road can be long for some of us but when we reach holy ground it will all be worth it.