A moment of peace

LifeWe are all looking for peace, even if we feel like we always must go into battle with our warrior mask on. We need to let the light shine on our spirit.

Having faced many storms in my life, I know you can lose a bit of your spirit when you are always on the “warpath”, always facing obstacles one right after the other. Spending your time overcoming everything that is being thrown at you.

You feel you have to protect yourself from the world, when in fact you can still face the storms, but you have to learn to let your spirit guide you along the way.

Trying to find the balance we need for ourselves is always a challenge until you finally let your spirit guide you.

When you do that you have shifted the way you view everything, opening the door to connect with the universe. Let your life be free by going with the flow of the universe.

It doesn’t change, you are going to continue to face your storms, but with the support of the universe you have all the odds on your side. You are not alone but supported along the way.

Life can be harsh if you are living it with your ego but when you shift to your spirit you have a better chance to overcome everything.  By doing this you will actually be surprised how life has changed for you.

We can spend our time running around like chicken with its head cut off, hoping tomorrow will be a better day. But if you are not fully committed to let your spirit guide you, you may not get what is the best for your highest good.

Let your spirit bring the peace to you, let go of what has been hurting you and move forward to a better life. Shift your mind and accept there are things you can change and others you cannot, learn to make peace with it and move on.