My Zen Space

PeaceCreating our own space at home and at work can help us to stay grounded. If you have even a small space, perhaps you can find some room on a dresser and this can be helpful to make it your own “Zen” space.

We do not need much, just enough room to add some of our favorite items and spend some time meditating on it.

We all need our own time to recharge our energies. It is a great time to do that, if you have an opportunity at work to add a couple of items, not your entire “house” like some have. Doing some Feng Shui can help you to keep a clear space but also the less crowded a room the better it is. It gives you a sense of space or should I say, “room to breathe”.

When you walk into the room you do not have a sense of claustrophobia. A room that is clustered is not inviting, you can feel oppressed quickly so does your office space.

Sometimes a spring cleaning is a great way to reassess if we really need to keep everything. If so, we can find clever ways to rearrange our own space or desk.

Storage units are great options as well, why not start today and see what we can keep, give to charity or recycle?

Having room to breathe at home and at work is essential for us, we do not need to live in a crowded world.

We should live a lean life that brings us more positivity and calm. We can make sound decisions if we are grounded. Why should we obstruct our own world? Creating more chaos when our outer conditions could sometimes do that without our help.

Let’s make the decision for this year to live a life clutter free.