What are failures?

lifeBeing human is not only accepting who we are but it is also understanding what failures are. Most of the time we think we are losers if we are failing at something.

In the ego world a failure is a bad thing we should feel ashamed about. I.E. if we lose our job because of job cuts or if your brother or sister is a doctor or lawyer someone professional and you are not.

We need to realized failures are lessons in life we need to learn. We should take the time to step back and learn from them.

Like losing a job is not a failure but a sign from the universe to let you know it’s time for you to move on. It may feel like it’s not fair or you now have to figure out what to do next. Take on a new path that will guide you to toward your correct destination.

If you are looking at a personal relationship, having failed a relationship is a sign for you to look back at your patterns but also if you are dating the same “kind” of individual it is perhaps time for you to reassess but also see the signs before deciding to pursue it. Entering a relationship to “save” someone is not the right motivation. If it’s not genuine but motivated by greed, looks, desperation or anything else of that sort, it will not work.

We need to be honest when we are feeling we are failing by looking at the root cause. Most of the time we can easily find what is causing us to fail, from a behavioral to an emotional level.

We also need to stop to compete with others. When we are in this mode, we are letting our ego lead our life. This can lead us to make bad judgments that may sound good at the beginning but again if this is not for your highest good and the highest good of everyone, the universe will not allow these choices to remain steadfast.  Even if we try to push, it would not succeed.

We need to turn off the ego mode to our spirit.

Failures are life lessons we need to learn. If you have not learned from them, they will continue to repeat over and over again until you get them right!