My Ivory Tower

lifeIn my ivory tower I can see the world afar, enjoying the view. I can feel the love of the universe upon me guiding me in my journey. I am at peace, happy and grounded.

The sun is shining brightly on this cold morning, light has taken over the peaceful night. It is a busy time, time to move forward in my life. I am reading Twitter while listening to the music playing on my Ipad.

It is finally time to focus on what would be the next article for PGMA. The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, will share with me what I am supposed to write.

Becoming part of the PGMA family, I am happy to share those words. It is a humbling experience to be part of such a great group of leaders and inspirational individuals. All of us have so much to share, we are all complementing each other.

Knowing we are doing it to inspire others around the world is a commitment we have made. It is our story that will impact others to stand up and change their lives, claiming what is theirs.

We are all inspirational individuals that are here for our life purpose but also to impact our surroundings. If we can change our lives, being the powerhouse that we are, so can you!

We are not different from everyone else, we just have learned to stand up for ourselves and follow our life mission. We have broken free from the mold we were in like a caged bird released from imprisonment. Learning to walk and face the storms, believing in ourselves. Pushing forward in the darkness knowingly where we were, wasn’t it? We had our happy ending right in front of us.

We have moved mountains to be where we are today, maybe it sounds like a herculean journey, but it is ours.  Yours maybe has calmer waters but you still have to reach your holy ground so why not start today? Nothing is impossible, become limitless by dreaming big and bold.