Becoming the magician

lifeI am always fascinated by what we can archive if we put our mind into it. Have you ever noticed when we are passionate about something, we are feeling empowered, driven by it? We are on full alert with our mind unleashing the magician that was dormant.

Awakening our spirit, feeling grounded, excited to get up in the morning to see what we can accomplish.  At night, closing our eyes with images and ideas that make us smile and will delay our sleep.

The “feeling good” moment when you are feeling part of something bigger, being ecstatic. We could walk on water, we even can have an out of body experience.

We can feel the full support of the universe, we are embracing who we are. These are times we are fully connected with the universe, everything is in perfect synchronicity, from a cake artist that will add the magic to a beautiful wedding cake, or an architect that will design the most beautiful house.

We are all gifted, why not start today living life to the fullest? What is stopping you from unleashing the alchemist that is inside of you? Why would you shy away from who you truly are?

The world needs every spirit to awaken, to march into their journey. To feel we are loved, we are infinite, we are beauty and love.

We can create a world of peace, a world of deeper meaning than the ego world. We can all be rich and healthy, why not claim what is yours? Why should you conform to a world that is not fit for you?

We have so many gifts and passions we do not need to wear a mask, or become the shadow of ourselves. Instead, let our beautiful colors shine, let’s drop the act today and embrace our spirit.

Let’s become the magician that creates our happy ending, with new experiences. Let’s learn to become the master of our own destiny, calling upon the magic of the universe.

Be who we truly are is what it is all about. Why not start today?