Living stress free

lifeHaving a quiet moment to listen to our body especially when we are stressed out should be a priority. We should not let our body be on high alert instead we should ground ourselves. Turning our “survivor mode” off so we do not snap at everyone that approaches us too closely.

Why not change our view by letting it loose, yes you read it right! If you are stressed, instead of verbally attacking your mate or children get a “me” moment. What is a “me” moment? Well it could be taking a walk or a run or going outside and screaming until you can’t anymore. I have done that a few times. I must say it was a great relief, it may have scared the neighbors for a minute but by doing it you let the negative energy out.

If you cannot do that put on your favorite tune and start to dance like there is no tomorrow. By moving your body, you are actually shifting the energy, your muscles are starting to relax, your mood is shifting. By the time you are done moving your body you can feel the stress in your body starting to lower.

Finding a healthy way to release the negative energy inside of our body comes when you are becoming aware of your habits. Many times, people do not realize that they are on what we call “auto pilot” and will only react instead of stepping back.

We could avoid a lot of stress and the aftermath when we can control our energy. Stabilizing ourselves when changes are outside of our control. Doing daily exercise and meditation is a great way to help us.

It is never too late to change the way we are behaving. Starting by opening our heart and spirit.  Let unconditional love fill your heart and body, becoming peaceful will help you to cope with everything coming your way.

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