Not let the outside world bothering me

lifeWhen the outer conditions can be stormy, instead of running down the “rabbit hole”, we could go from being upset, by taking the time to breathe, to get our equilibrium back.

It is easy to fall into old patterns, but when we listen to our body and what tune is playing in our head, switching right away with positive thoughts helps us to keep our energies elevated so we can stop and move forward.

Learning not to let the outside conditions bother us can be challenging, but when you realize it is how you respond that makes a difference for the outcome, you might think twice before you react.

You can count to ten, taking deeper breaths can help you, not giving your power away is what it’s all about. It may be difficult for some of us to do that but if you want to invite peace into your life this is what you are going to have to learn to do.

We are all evolving and changing, why not start today by not letting anything negative into your mind?   If negativity creeps into your mind, try to figure out what part of that negative you can master and after you have completed that task, move to the next one. By doing it slowly you can start to change your habits and soon it will come naturally.

When you are living what you are preaching, it is actually fun. We are all on our journey to self-awareness. It is not how fast we can do it, it is how consistent we are that matters, it is not a sprint but a marathon.

Life will always present the same challenges to you in different forms until you learn your lesson. When you see the same lesson poking its head up again you can deal with it in a more peaceful manner.

Why not start today to invite peace into your life?  Why not try to follow some of the lessons and ideas I have written about in the preceding paragraphs? If you do this, you will be sending positive energy toward negative thoughts and situations and finding the peace and contentment you are hoping to obtain.