Living our lives to the fullest Part2

lifeLiving our life to the fullest is a feeling that cannot be equaled. Especially when you start to understand the fundamentals of your spirit. Your heart is full of unconditional love, laughing and joy. There is nothing more beautiful than living our lives that way.

Feeling complete is what we are all reaching for, there is nothing more powerful than living our life to the fullest. The exhilaration of feeling alive, that sense of freedom. What is wonderful is the sense of letting the magic within enter our heart.

Becoming curious again about everything, learning to see the world in a different light. Accomplishing our boldest dream, understand that we are more than the eyes can see. We are beautiful, gentle souls with a lot to discover.

We are hidden gems, that are waiting to be unveiled. We are on our journey of discovery by going through uncharted territory. The most beautiful part of that journey is to learn at every turn and storm what we are made of. Without it we would never know who we truly are.

Looking back at how far we have come to what is waiting for us, it is more than a miracle, it is grace, it is wonder, it is paradise.

We learn to reconnect with our spirit, letting ourselves be free. Just enjoying the beautiful world, we are living in. Creating our own space, our own island while staying connected with everyone. Feeling the Universe working with us. Being humble when perfect synchronicity is opening the road for us.

Reaching the calm waters of the river that is our journey, we can look at our surroundings and appreciate what we have. Feeling the deeper meaning of our lives, dancing with the heavenly music. Taking the time to breathe and be in the present moment.

Feeling it is time for us to let everything go to become who we truly are.