Becoming extraordinary

lifeLiving an extraordinary life is a choice we are making consciously, why live an ordinary life when we have the possibility to choose the way we want to live?

Dreaming is great but living our dreams is ever better, why waste your time when you could just decide what you want to do. Name and claim it should be the game, being an observer in our own life is deciding to make a choice to not be in the driver’s seat but instead being at the mercy of the current we are paddling into, in the river, that is our life.

We are here to experience, to mature, why not do it by letting our spirit guide us along our journey? We have so much to be grateful for, we cannot change the past, but we can certainly change our future. By simply letting our imagination be free. We need to be bold, ready to step into uncharted territory to learn to shift our mind.

People around the world are already using their minds to change their future, why not start to do that every day?
Becoming part of the extraordinary club is not for the few but for everyone. We have so much to learn from our own spirit. Life is beautiful if we let the magic of the universe enter our lives.

Learning to partner with the universe, to accomplished what seems to be impossible. We can discover who we are by walking into the unknown ready to embrace the journey of self-discovery. We have to learn to go back to basics and be open to the changes the universe is asking us to make.

The time is now, we are ready to step up even if our ego is telling us we aren’t. The universe knows better, why not trust your instincts and take the first steps toward your life’s purpose? Discover who you truly are, embrace every moment, become the extraordinary spirit you are.